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Professional Association Meetings

International Conferences & Summits

As an experienced Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) we plan and organize conferences, meetings, public events and exhibitions locally and internationally. We focus on quality and the execution of support for all stakeholders involved in the process of organizing conferences. While we handle the management and logistics aspects, including budget, registration, sponsors, travel and entertainment, we provide organizations the freedom to concentrate on their conference objectives and content. Thinking ahead to anticipate various possible scenarios, we provide solutions that add true value.

With a combination of expertise and strategic partnerships, we effortlessly operate in the US and internationally. Through a keen sense of detail and absolute transparency, we develop well-thought action plans that fit your conference needs. TELIOS manages the assigned tasks, utilizing extensive experience together with a competent staff to achieve your goals, creating the best version of your event.


  • ​Event Goals and Objectives

  • Target Audience Analysis

  • Destination and Venue Sourcing

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Program / Agenda Development

  • Sponsorship Development

  • Budgeting / ROI Analysis

  • Strategic Alliances


  • Event Registration & Hotel Booking Website

  • Integrated Air Travel Online Booking Platform

  • Integrated Payment Processing Platform

  • Data Analytics and Reports

  • Mobile applications


  • ​Integrated Marketing Campaigns and Brand Promotion

  • Collateral

  • Design and Implementation of Social Media Campaigns

  • Coordination of Mass Emails, Google Campaigns and Search Engine Optimization

  • Press Releases

  • Market Intelligence (IM)

  • Surveys

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  • Planning and coordination of logistics requirements before and during the event

  • Negotiation, contracting and coordination of suppliers (i.e.  venue, lodging, transport, exhibitor's hall)

  • Presenters and content management

  • On-Site Services and Registration Support

  • Food & Beverage, Entertainment

  • Audiovisual Services

  • Customer Service 24/7


  • Alternative Programming / Industry Satellite Events

  • Local transportation

  • Tours and Social Programs

  • Special Activities or Entertainment


Corporate Meetings and Events

Luxury Destination Events

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